Nov 18 Update 0.2.2

The past two weeks were more productive than the past ones, I managed to fix bugs and tweak gameplay a little pit:

*I changed the only PlayerMovement script to the UnityAssets` fps script, it even has a weird footsteps audio XD
I`ll use it for now till I fix the old one, it had too many bugs

*you collect items with E instead of LeftMouseButton, when you get close enough to an item a text appear on screen w/its name

*I changed the Inventory script, now when you press I on the keybored you toggle between "Use Item" mode and "Delete Item" mode

Use Item:
when you get closer to a canvas you press its number on the keybored to use it, I found its easier to use items that way instead of choosing w/LeftMouseButton

Delete Item:
works like the other mode, the UI turns red as a warning and pressing the item`s number deletes it

a red text appear when the inventory is full, when that happen delete an item to reserve a slot for a new one

in the future I`ll find a way to either :
1/make an unlimited inventory
2/spawn the deleted item somewhere else instead of deleting it permanently

*Now canvases and Answer cards spawn randomly across the room and you`ll get 7 out of 10 Riddles to should each round, I`ll try to add more and more riddle in the future
Also there are "useless" answer cards in the room, its put in the room to make the game a little pit interesting , choose the cards wisely or you`ll have to delete one of them from the inventory forever in order to collect more cards !

Thats it for now, please try out the game and tell me what you think, suggestions are wellcome as well

thanks for reading  :)


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Nov 18, 2017

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