Nov 4 Update 0.2.1

To be honest I was too lazy to work on the game ( actually I was more focused on learning 3D modeling XD ) but I did manage to make some improvements !

the room has more furniture, so the cards are scattered around... actually the original plan was to make sculptures around the room but I didnt make them in time "^^

to answer the riddles you stand in front of a painting on the wall and use one of the cards you have in the inventory... yest you can hold more than one card at a time now XD

there are still few things to fix like the camera rotation and adding actual riddles to solve and get out of the room instead of "collecting cards"

I still havent reach my full vision for this game so expect more updates in the future, if you have any suggestions and feedback I`ll be happy to hear them... thanks :3


RiddleRoom 0.1.1 26 MB
12 days ago

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